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Detention & Saturday School Policies

After School Detention Schedule -   Monday through Friday

Saturday school is from 8:30am to 12:30pm

After school detention is from 3:12 to 4:12

Minimum days (Monday) 2:12-3:12

Location to be determined on month of assignment


Students who have behavior infractions and/or are truant from school will be assigned Saturday school or After School Detention. As much as possible, parents are notified when a student is assigned an After school Detention and/or Saturday school. Only the parent of a student assigned to After School Detention and/or Saturday school may request one “reschedule” PER SEMESTER to the next available after school or Saturday.  Should the student not attend their assigned Detention and/or Saturday school for a reason other than an illness, the student will be assigned additional consequences:


  • First Missed Saturday School: Re-assign Saturday school and two days of lunch detention.
  • Second Missed Saturday School: Parent meeting, One day of Alternative placement and two days of after school detention- Re-assign Saturday school.
  • Third Missed Saturday School :   In School Suspension, 5 days of after school detention and Re-assign Saturday School
  • Fourth Missed Saturday School:   Home Suspension/SST/SARB


*Repeated “no show” to Saturday school will be subjected to more severe disciplinary actions*



  • All school rules and District policies are in effect. Students are expected to obey the requests of Detention/Saturday school staff.
  • Students must bring schoolwork, books, and study materials. They will not be admitted without work to do.
  • The only acceptable excuse for missing an After School Detention and/or Saturday school assignment is illness, which must be supported by a parent’s note on the following Monday. A one-time re-assignment will be made. Students may not reschedule Saturday school assignments. Only a parent/guardian may reschedule the assignment via phone call or note. (530-275-7075 EXT 4100). All Saturday school reschedules/or changes must be done before 2:00 pm on the Friday before the scheduled Saturday school. In case of family emergency, a parent may reschedule this assignment ONE TIME.
  • Students must have a picture I.D. to enter Saturday School.
  • Students are responsible to sign in at the beginning of Saturday School. 
  • Students must arrive to Saturday School on time and will not be admitted if they are late. 
  • No talking once After School and/or Saturday School begins. 
  • Food or drink is not allowed. (Water is allowable) 
  • No SLEEPING. Students must keep eyes open at all times. 
  • Headphones, iPods, MP3 Players or any other electronic devices are not allowed in Saturday School. Cell phones must be TURNED OFF and may not be out. Using electronic devices during School detention and/or Saturday School will be cause for immediate dismissal. 
  • Students failing to adhere to any of these rules may be sent home and will be subject to other consequences.



Students who fail to attend lunch detention will receive another lunch detention. Students who are defiant and do not serve their assigned lunch detention will be assigned to after school detention and possible Saturday School.  Detention assigned during tardy sweeps will be served the same day.   

WHEN: Tuesday through Friday First Lunch 11:30 / Second Lunch 12:34 

               Minimum day (Monday) First Lunch 11:00 / Second Lunch 11:54

               Achieve Day First Lunch 12:00 / Second Lunch 12:54


AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION: Monday (minimum day) 2:12 through 3:12

                                                           Tuesday through Friday 3:12 through 4:12