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Hello, this is an update on what your alumni has been doing with all our time and your donations.  From me, Jeannie Naylor CVHS President.
  1. Summer of 2023- We took on a very big project for CVHS.  We were asked if we could possibly help with the restoration of the class photos from 1959 to 2024.  Several of them, for some reason, were discolored.  Turning a brown color.  Frames were scratched the last four classes did not have a frame.  The school asked if we could have all the photos scanned onto a flash drive.  In case they were ever lost they could be replaced.  The 2020 photo was on a flash drive due to Covid 19.  They made a picture out of the senior pictures of each graduate.  This is also what had been done with 59, 60, and 61.  No class photos were taken back then.  We had homeroom photos.  This would have been a very big project.  Getting bids etc.  Several of us looked into prices.  It would have been around $7000.  We voted and decided to do it ourselves.  With lots of help, we did manage to get them done.  We just returned them to the school.  They looked wonderful.  I even touched up the frames.  The cost was right at $700.  Thank you so much to my wonderful board and volunteers from CVHS classmates. 
  2. The football team came to us and asked if we could help with new Football uniforms.  We voted and gave them a check to help with the purchase of uniforms.
  3. We found out that the school was getting rid of all the trophies it had been awarded over the years.  We decided were were going to go and get them all and do something wonderful with them.  The team players and coaching staff spent hours making teams and students that earned those awards.  So we picked up all the trophies and plaques.  We all got them together and had a couple of work days.  We cleaned, repaired, shined and borrowed parts from many that would not be repaired.  When they were all finished we had a couple of hundred of the trophies and plaques.  We put them out at our September Fundraiser/Reunion asking for a $5 donation.  A few were bought.  So I asked the board what they thought of me trying going around and getting some of our businesses in Shasta Lake to display them for us and getting some of our businesses in Shasta Lake to display them for us and we could put up a sign asking for a $5 donation and they could have anyone they wanted.  I already have a few that are willing to help us out.  That project at this time is on hold.  Due to having so many things going on right now.  I will continue to get this idea off the ground as we get other things going.
  4. We got together with the Heritage & Historical Society and we decided to again have our events on the same weekend each year.  We did this last year and it worked out pretty good.  The only problem for us was it was still very hot in the park.  Even though we moved our event to the park due to the fact that having had it in prior years at CVHS.  It was HOT.  Also, there are so many things going on in the summer months in our area.  Many of them have been going on for many years.  So this year the date of our CVHS Fundraiser/Reunion will be Saturday, October 12th.  All day event, at Clair Engle Park.  The Historical Society will have their big dinner that they have every year on Friday, October 11th.  Last year Darlene Brown opened the Museum for us during our day celebration.  That was a very nice thing for them to do.  I know that many of the people at our fun day did visit the museum.  So remember the date put it on your calendar..  While planning for a class reunion.  Why not have it on our weekend?  Do your own thing and come join us at the Clair Engle Park for a few hours of food, fun, and entertainment.  Buy some tickets and win some prizes.  Help us raise some money for the students of CVHS.  Have some food from a food truck, order a pizza to be delivered.  Have a beer and relax with friends and alumni from CVHS.  This makes having a reunion for your class or classes really easy.
  5. It is Scholarship time again.  This is one of the things we do that just blows me away every year.  Most people do not realize that the CVHS Alumni Association is dedicated to giving our brightest students’s the chance of continuing their education with many $1000 Scholarships from the Alumni.  That’s not counting all the organizations in our area and businesses that every year has come through for our students.  CVHS Alumni alone have donated over $250,000 to our most deserving students over the years.  In my next update, I will list all the Scholarships that we receive from other Alumni.  Be sure to keep coming to our site for information.
  6. CVHS Alumni Association has an entry in the Boomtown Parade this year.  Come and cheer us on at the Parade on Saturday, May 4th 10:00.  Spend the day having fun.  Pancake Breakfast @ Fire Hall 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.  Boomtown Parade 10 a.m.  Makers & Craft Fair Clair Engle Park 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Family Carnival and Health fair Clair Engle 9 a.m. The parade starts at 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Boomtown Music Festival 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

The CVHS Alumni has put an entry in the Boomtown Parade this year.  We are more than pleased to join our community in celebrating our Boomtown Festival.  We are proud to announce that Shasta Lake Mayor Janice Powell is an Alumni Member and will be riding with us.  We hope to see many CVHS Classmates on the parade route.  Give us a Falcon Cry as we drive by.   "GO FALCONS"



Hope to see you all there.

Jeannie Naylor, CVHS Alumni President

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Please join the Central Valley High School Alumni Association it is only $25.00 per year and all monies raised goes to help Central Valley High School Alumni, students, teachers and staff. Mail check or money order to Central Valley High School, PO Box 555, Shasta Lake, CA 96019-0555!

We have all the yearbooks on CD or USB from 1955 to 2023. We have yearbooks from 2001 to 2018! We do not have any 2010 yearbooks available. Contact Don Spurgeon at to purchase the yearbook or the CD.

*If anyone knows how to contact Keith Brown, Class of 1982, please call me as we have his award and would love to give it to him as soon as possible. Call Don Spurgeon at 275-5031 or call the school at 275-7075
*Thanks to Tonya Eifert (Rogers) and Edra Wilhelmy (Dobyns) you are able to pay your memberships and donate to the Alumni Association on Pay Pal! 

*September 5, 2015 will be the 65th Anniversary of the opening of Central Valley High School.
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Central Valley High School Firsts!
*Central Valley High School opened it's doors for classes on Monday, September 5, 1955.

*The first Principal of Central Valley High School was Richard Haake.

*The first Student Body President was Jawanna Franks.

*The first Student Body President to graduate from Central Valley High School was Loss White Jr. in 1959.

*First home football game was between Central Valley High School freshmen and sophomores and the Enterprise High School JV. Enterprise won 28-0.

*First All-American for Central Valley High School was Mike Fink in Basketball 1969.

*First State Championship was in Basketball in March 1989. Coach was John Strohmayer, CVHS Class of 1964. Coach John Strohmayer was coach of the year.

*Central Valley High School Varsity Football team goes undefeated 12-0 and wins North Section Division III Title 2005. Coach Matt Hunsaker was coach of the year.

*First North Section Division II Baseball Title team was 32-2 in 2009. Trent Frisbie was selected to State All Star Baseball Team and Coach Bob Anderson was coach of the year.

*Central Valley High School wins Lehigh Basketball Tournament 2006.

*Central Valley High School won the Northern Athletic League Championship and the North Section Division 4 Basketball Championship for 2007-2008. Congratulations to the team and coaches.

*Central Valley High School won the Northern Athletic League Championship and the North Section Division 4 Girl's Basketball Championship for 2014-2015. Congratulations to the team and the coaches. Nate Emerson was selected as the Record Searchlight Coach of the Year!

*First Hall of Fame Dinner September 3, 2015.