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Central Valley High School

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Central Valley High School (CVHS) maintains a strong focus on college and career readiness standards in order to fully prepare your student for success after high school. The skills needed to succeed after graduation are far different than in the past.CVHS is committed to preparing all of our students in the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in a productive workplace and an ever-changing society.


A Focus on Academics At CVHS, we will provide the very best in academics so that our students will thrive academically. To get your student college and career ready, our teachers will follow a simple 4-step strategy focusing on providing the best instruction in the classroom: We maintain a college-going culture with high expectations and will require that our students master college and career readiness standards. Our teachers utilize the best instructional practices in the classroom to optimize student learning. We monitor student learning and teaching through frequent assessment and feedback so that our students’ achievement constantly improves.

We encourage strong parental support and provide strategic and swift intervention for struggling students so that they realize FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!