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Credit A-G Recovery Options

So, you got a D or an F... Does this mean that you won't graduate high school? Can you still go to college? These are important questions.

Credit Recovery

School districts require you to have a specific # of credits in a specific sequence of courses. See graduation requirements. If you have failed a course, you do need to "re-take" that course somehow. We are not currently able to fit "re-take" courses into a regular school day.

You have 3 options:

  • You can concurrently enroll in a course at Shasta College, online or after school

  • You can take the course on Plato (online school paid for by our district)

  • You can take a course online through Brigham Young University. BYU courses can be quite expensive and are usually the least desirable option.

Please see your school counselor to explore which option would be best for you.

If you have failed multiple classes, you're 16 or turning 16 within the semester and graduation is at risk, your counselor may recommend a transfer to Mountain Lakes High School.

Recommended transfer guidelines:

10th grade semester 1- 20 credits behind

10th grade semester 2- 30 credits behind

11th grade semester 1- 40 credits behind

11th grade semester 2- 40 credits behind

12th grade semester 1- 30 credits behind

12th grade semester 2- 15 credits behind

A-G Grade Recovery

A-G courses have been approved by CSU's and UC's for meeting the requirements for college preparation. They go above and beyond what is required for high school graduation. A student will not be considered college ready unless they have passed their A-G courses with a grade of C or higher. If a student gets a D in an A-G course they can correct that grade by re-taking the course on Odyssey. 

In addition, some A-G courses can be validated. Validation can get complicated. Please see your counselor with any questions.