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Central Valley High School

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Thank you for taking the time to share good news with us and help make a staff member's day. Regardless of position, we encourage our families and community to spread positivity to our District through just a couple of minutes. Thank you for paying it forward!



TOP 10 TIPS FOR PARENTS TO HELP YOUR STUDENT! to enhance their child's academic journey, from establishing a consistent routine and creating a designated study space to fostering a love of reading, promoting a growth mindset, and actively engaging in their child's school activities. Embrace these strategies to provide comprehensive support for your child's learning and development.

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Central Valley High School has been recognized as a California Distinguished School, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to academic excellence and student success.

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CV Guarantees represent the learning standards that each class at Central Valley High School “guarantees” your student will learn.  Our staff has "drilled down" the state standards to focus on learning objectives and specify exactly what each student should know upon finishing a course. CVHS teachers work incredibly hard to ensure our students receive an aligned curriculum that will not only set them up for success this year but in future courses at Central Valley.  Please review our courses to find out more about our "CV Guarantees!"

News & Events

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Keep students updated on important news, events, and announcements, providing a quick and informative daily snapshot with The Falcon Daily bulletin. The Falcon Weekly video episodes offer an engaging visual overview of key highlights and happenings, making it easy for students to stay informed.

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"The Groove" is a monthly publication that explores events and developments within our district, offering valuable insights into various happenings. This platform serves as a key resource for keeping everyone informed about the vibrant activities and accomplishments occurring throughout the month. Through "The Groove," we aim to foster a sense of community and connectivity, providing a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic events within our educational environment. Stay tuned for a monthly dose of updates and highlights celebrating the achievements and initiatives across our district!

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A Focus on Academics At CVHS, we will provide the very best in academics so that our students will thrive academically.

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Career Technical Education (CTE) at GUSD involves a sequence of courses aimed at equipping students with technical and occupational skills, paving the way for in-demand careers and post-secondary education.

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Explore the dynamic sports program at Gateway Unified School District, where students are encouraged and welcomed to engage in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

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The school bell schedule is the heartbeat of the academic day, orchestrating the rhythm and routine of student life. Its carefully timed intervals delineate the beginning and end of classes, signaling transitions that guide students through their various subjects and activities.

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Part of an organization once known as the Future Farmers of America, the California Association FFA's legacy is built on nearly 100 years of premier leadership. A student-led intracurricular organization imbedded within the agricultural education model, over 95,000 FFA members make this robust association a leading voice for youth development in California.

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Everyone is welcome to explore their interests and passions through these enriching extracurricular activities. Whether it's a club dedicated to community service, a sports team, or an academic organization, there is something for everyone. Joining clubs not only provides students with a chance to make lasting friendships but also fosters personal growth and skill development.

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Explore the diverse array of courses offered at our school. From core subjects to elective choices, our curriculum caters to a wide range of interests and academic goals. Students can choose from a variety of courses designed to foster intellectual growth, skill development, and a well-rounded educational experience.

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